Jumat, 11 Desember 2009


here the round moon, time to go haunt

keep my blanket comfort like shadow

like umbrella that keep my body outta sun

it's burning hurt, i'm in fire

what does eternity mean?

hide in comfort shadow, stand in own feet

no way to run from this box

trapped in peace not rest in peace

it's start to change

glass of heineken into drop of blood

lick it to survive now n then

in this calm eternity, i miss the light

walking up this morning, believe in my step

the day that i miss, the light

step into bright, crash this shape into puzzle

fly fly away to the sky

let me near to the shine


it's about a vampire who really sucks w/ his life as vampire. he miss his life as human.. actually he miss the shine of sunsine. but everytime he got outside at noon,, it feels hurt,,on day he got out,, he burn into dust n fly u to the sky as he wish,, to be near to the sun,,

ada hidden meaning seh,,, haha

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