Kamis, 23 April 2009

Do you believe?

Do you believe in miracle?

Do you trust an oracle?

Body walks like camel

But now healed by the angel

I do believe in miracle

coz every brath i see Michael

How graceful he's real

fighting the red over the meal

Spend my time killing yself with crime

But everyone in dime

Silent, bells chime

Even in the side of hill

Where there won't be any will

I still stay and feel

A Hand grab me without chill

Do you believe in miracle

if eve hadn't bit the apple

coz there will not Gospel

Existed till death of Noel

I believe; I do believe

I pray every Christms eve

And i got mission to live


I think think blink

i never stop to do it

as long as i live, i'll keep thinking

starting become a wint to free

people always say that they want to be a bird

they think birds, dolphin have freedom meanings

bt they have mistake to keep thinking like that

"t want to be wind when i die"

Wind s blowing air

it keeps rebon and undead

uncacth, flowing, dancing, dizzing

like an artist scratching her brush

Long time ago there's a boy in verandah

that always waiting for winds

he enjoyed it,, winds blowing his hair

and the expresion is so soft, so beautiful!

I want to be wind

I want to be wind

I want to be wind


iT's happened again

At verandah I'm standing

It just like facing big universe

Like a blakhole among stars

Like trash of society

I close my eyes and keep my ear on

Hearing lauging voice, people talks

I hear cars, winds, birds

Life suffer,anxiety, hillare

those like a music playing in my head

I close my eyes and keep my heard on

feeling like a stone under feet

Bird in cage, cluds, winds

the winds blowing so soft

I close my eyes and keep my nose on

i smell freedom from this box

slowly for far away

like a child playing candle ray

I open my eyes and find myself in real world

but i's rather be unconscious

coz story begin when i'm not here,,

mimpi dan aku

dalam mimpi aku bisa menjadi apa saja
monster, prajurit, daun, awan
dalam mimpi aku adalah tuhan
aku bisa mengatur dunia
dalam mimpi aku hybrid
bisa jad lelaki bisa jadi perempuan
dalam mimpi aku bebas
bisa terbang, bisa membunuh
dalam mimpi segalanya bisa terjadi
bahkan aku bisa mati dalam mimpi
tak ada kebohongan
tak ada kejujuran
aku bukanlah aku
dia bukanlah dia
mimpi itu abstrak
tapi juga nyata
mimpi itu surreal
manusia bagai sel yang terbentuk jadi apapun
mimpi itu penuh filosofi,penuh arti
mimpi perwujudan diri
mimpi itu simbol

spot on stage

it's not only become the greatest
but ust to be better
like when playing drama
me as a baby of reborn child
and director tell me what i have to do
it's like when a tanpopo growing bigger
then die with the sun
everything seems to be bright
but it's not time to be right
stepping the stone of ages
cut the rope of my feet
then i'll dance on the stage
and become brighter

rich. hedonism vs welfare

why people really want to be rich?
i konw that money is not everything
and i also know that everythig is money
but what is rich actually
is that about welfare?
or hedonism?
people think if they can buy really expensive car
or even really big house
or gold or anything
ok if i'm rich i can buy all i can
i'll have better and better education
i'll move to my own house and live
i'll give some for 'them
but once again
is rich about hedonism or welfare actually?
is just about maslow diagram, needs,,or even
just for live in better quality

wing of sparrow

got free
i'm flying over the sky
coz i never fly
until pines die
sweet like pie
lick candies
taste the sweet
kick the meat
like two meet

sit on the burrow

that evening i sat in the burrow
saw darkness become shiny
i heard singging crow
how curious the tiny

have u ever thought as a baby
that dream is like wonderland
u don't like to wake up steady
coz the singing crow tease sweetly

show me neverland

i was standing in the same place
where i stand before
feel the feeling again
taste the smell rain
look at the cold window
i see big world surround me
realize it's the right time

*i wanna run away for this fucking world
i wanna taste all the freedom
but i realize that it just a big dream
that only for a kid
then show me neverland

i used to be grow up
like a tree become taller and higher
then it just a dream to go back
one year of hapiness, where is it?
it just taste bitter like orange
to be just like what you want
but this is life
no one can't realize what are going on

*i wanna run away for this fucking world
i wanna taste all the freedom
but i realize that it just a big dream
that only for a kid
then show me neverland

so i dream about peter pan tonite
and tinker bell moving gracefully
run run run run
can i?

*i wanna run away for this fucking world
i wanna taste all the freedom
but i realize that it just a big dream
that only for a kid
then show me neverland

*i wanna run away for this fucking world
i wanna taste all the freedom
but i realize that it just a big dream
that only for a kid
then show me neverland

it only just a dream...

masih manusia

aku mendongak ke langit
aku lihat awan
tapi aku ga bisa lihat angin

aku melangkah berjalan
aku menendang bebatuan
tapi aku bisa menembus yangtak kelihatan

aku memejamkan mata
aku perkuat pendengaranku
aku dengar melodi kehidupan

aku memukul angin
mersakan kekosongan
karena aku masih lemah

aku manusia
karena aku tak pernah puas

my favorite things

peterpan and fairy tales
going up in my mind
wishing someday he come to fetch me
to neverland

no reality just dream
unlimited sky 
fly high fly high
nobody can catch me
freedom is nowhere
only when i close my eyes

thinking the sweet gummy
chewing when talking on the phone
so sweet like someone smile
who really glad with her smile
like a kid lick candies
joyful and joyful

senandung abu-abu

dengarlah, matahari
debum jantung berdetik
kau saksi bisu kecil
nyanyian anak kecil

dengarlah napas terakhir
keputusan akhir
hanya darah menilai
apa yang kau kan rasakan
apa yang abu-abu
apa yang redum terakhir

dengarlah nyanyian gadis kecil
mencari tunas yang hidup
di antara keabu-abuan
penuh harap terus mencari
namun jarum di hati

dengarlah utusan surga 
terus datang turun
tak terlihat tapi tersentuh
tak tercium namun ada

apalah lagu berkata
bila matahari tak pernah terbit kian
apalah kata berkata
bila malam kelam terus bertambah panjang
tak tahu waktu akhir
memang tak tahu
bisa saja itu sebentar lagi
bagai keabu-auan

lagu senandung terakhir kian mengeras
buat udara kian mengeras
dentuman demi dentuman

saorang pria dengan sebatang rokok
terlihat bagai siluet
nikmatnya kenikmatan dunia
seakan yang terakhir
rayakan keabu-abuan
tak hitam tak putih tak salah tak benar


sesorang bisa saja tanpa nama
tapi org itu slalu dengerin apa yg gw ngomong
seseorang itu ga punya bentuk
tapi dia selalu ada di sisi gw
seseorang itu bisa besar bisa kecil
kadang2 ada di atas kertas, kadang ada di hp
kadang juga ada dalam "eve" boneka kayu gw
sesorang itu ga pernah bicara atau mereply omonganku
tapi dia selalu mendengar
aku merasakan napasnya lewat udara yang bergerak walau tak sekencang angin
sesorang memang teman khayalan
tapi kepercayaan tersebut ada dan bikin hari selalu ramai
dikala gw pusing, dikala gw sendiri di rumah
kadnag gw bosan dengan seseorang itu
dan gw pengen minta lebih
tapi seseorang itu ga pernah marah sama gw
walau di terlihat ga berbuat banyak dia baik banget sama gw
sesorang itu wujud dari suatu kepercayaan
dia bukan Tuhan, bukan setan, bukan maikat, bukan roh
tapi seseorang sesuatu yg gw ciptakan
dan tanpa sadar dia lahir untuk gw
kadang gw pengen membuat seseorang itu kasat mata
kadang gw bayangin sesorang itu cowok dengan tubuh yang bisa ngelindungin gw
kadang gw bayangin dia cewek yg ngajarin gw dandan
itulah sahabat sejatiku selain diri gw sendiri dan komputer item gw

Every particle has it's own stories

hi! i'm Gyoza,,this blog is just like my right brain actuay,, and gyozabox.blogspot.com is my left brain,,

This blog is refers to my feeling, experience, phliosophy, or even art,,maybe this blog is such as a diary about some particles that i decide d to tell about their stories,,

well,,i don't know whether youunderstand or not,, but i invited you to have as much perception as i written about,, I WILL NOT ask you to hate something or like something,, it's all grey here,,

ok.,,here we go,, let's begin,,

A particle that named...

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